The complete presentation system “Top companies of the region” consists of three modules:

1. A manual containing German and English company profiles
2,500 copies are published and distributed to key players at various events.

2. Photo panels in 90 x 180 cm format
These panels are displayed on the ground floor and first floor of the Chamber of Commerce building in Ulm for at least 2 months per year.

3. Internet
Each company can include a link to its own website as well as to social media channels.

4. Digital presentation system
A digital presentation system with a touch screen will be installed on the ground floor of the Chamber of Commerce building in Ulm that can also be used at trade fairs and to advertise the region abroad.

Period of validity
The complete presentation system including all three modules is valid for two years and is then re-published. The seventh edition is valid from November 21, 2019 to November 2021. Parties interested in being included in the next edition can add their names to the applicant list at any time (contact: Almut Haiss, tel. +49 731 / 173-132, Detailed planning for the next edition will begin in the spring of 2021.

The costs of subscribing to the above three modules for the sixth edition are:
1,750 euros plus VAT for new subscribers
1,550 euros plus VAT for subscribers from previous editions