Our top region Alb-Donau/Biberach/Ulm

The IHK Region Ulm (the Ulm branch of the Chamber of Industry & Commerce) is one of Germany’s top business locations. From 2000 to 2014, economic performance improved by over 53%. This is the highest growth rate in Baden-Württemberg and the third highest in the whole of Germany. This figure is 12 percentage points higher than the state average for Baden-Württemberg and beats economic growth in Germany as a whole by 15 percentage points. This extremely dynamic development has put the IHK Region Ulm among Germany’s top 10 economic regions.

Further evidence for IHK Region Ulm as an extraordinary business location is the density of employment: for every 100 inhabitants of this region, over 60 are employed locally. Only five regions were able to demonstrate greater employment density in 2014.

In addition, the region enjoys almost full employment. And despite this long-standing excellent employment market situation, even more jobs are being created. In the period 2014 to June 2016 almost 10,500 additional jobs subject to social security payments were created. The IHK Region Ulm can therefore count itself amongst the most dynamic economic areas in Germany in the years since 2014.

The IHK Ulm attributes these results to a number of competitive advantages:

  • Unlike many other regions, the IHK Region Ulm is characterized not only by a strong regional center, but a strong rural area too. The district of Biberach in particular has made outstanding progress in recent years and has been a central driver of growth.

  • Closely connected with this is a dynamic industrial sector with a well above-average performance. In terms of gross regional product per capita, the region ranks 4th amongst all IHK regions.

  • The IHK Region Ulm has the second highest level of innovation in Baden-Württemberg, Europe’s number-one innovation region.

  • Many bright minds, high innovative power and, consequently, above-average labour productivity - especially among industrial companies - are also generating a disproportionate rise in export sales. The IHK Region Ulm therefore benefits particularly from globalization.

  • At the same time, the region is characterized by a large number of medium-sized, familyowned businesses with strong local roots. In the IHK location survey, the majority of businesses looking to expand regularly say that they plan to do so locally.

The lesson is clear: a top business location needs top companies.

Some of those companies are featured in this website.

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